There are very few positive things you can point to when considering the lasting effects of the Covid 19 pandemic. If you are like most people, it’s all just one big 2-year-blur that left in its scorching path endless streaming subscriptions, exuberant uber eats receipts, and that terrible experience that universally binds humanity: Tiger King. We will never unsee it! Despite all the negative things the pandemic left us, there is one very important retail trend that became the new norm and is here to stay. BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store) had been around for a couple of years before the pandemic, but it was in this time of need that BOPIS became a consumer preference. Let’s explore the many benefits of BOPIS for both retailers and consumers alike.


Before the pandemic many retailers had a long term initiative to eventually embrace a digital transformation. When Covid 19 shut the country down, this digital transformation was taken off the backburner and placed as the number one priority in boardrooms all over the country. The American retail landscape shifted overnight. Before 2020 only 4% of the top 500 retailers in the US offered online ordering with curbside pickup. The pandemic transformed this almost instantly to close to 50% of the top 500 retailers now offering BOPIS. Big retailers that had been reluctant to offer in store pickups like TJ Maxx and Costco scrambled to offer ad hoc BOPIS solutions. For many retailers this was the difference between staying afloat or becoming extinct.


Offering local pickup is a win-win no brainer for retailers and customers. Local distribution provides flexibility and convenience for consumers that are hesitant online shoppers that prefer to see, touch or taste something before deciding to purchase. When faced with a return, customers that use BOPIS are 40% more likely to make a separate purchase during their visit to the store. Impulse purchasing is also a byproduct of BOPIS that retailers can’t get enough of. A recent Harvard Business Review study concluded that customers who use in store pickup are likely to spend 10% more on average per visit.


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