Dropshipping - The All In One Solution

Are you looking for a cost effective way to get your foot in the online-hemp industry door, but aren’t sure where to start? Dropship fulfillment is a great way to have a small initial investment begin working for you, while avoiding all the logistical hassles of order fulfillment. Here at Wholesale Hemp Suppliers, we have streamlined an A to Z system that takes care of all aspects of the process. This process removes the burden of infrastructure-development, label creation, inventory-management, inventory-storing, order-processing, as well as order shipment. This allows customers to focus on what they do best: SALES & MARKETING. Below is a detailed review of how our all in one dropship solution will replace these headaches with effortless peace of mind.

Drop Shipping Explained

The term drop shipping refers to the retail practice of marketing and selling a product that is not stored, manufactured or shipped from the retailer’s place of business. Instead, the retailer transfers order details to a wholesaler, manufacturer or fulfillment warehouse for third party processing and shipment to the end customer. This provides the benefit of lower overhead by removing the necessity of a warehouse and/or a brick and mortar storefront. Once order details are transmitted through an automated process, you can essentially consider the order handled and completed.

White Label Branding  

If you have already developed a branding concept for your company, we can apply it to the orders being shipped on your behalf. We can print and sticker each product per your requests. If you have a generalized branding concept but have not yet designed a label, not to worry we can assist! Based on your logo and color palette/design, our in-house designers will come up with a label that meets your custom desired taste. It is important to note that these services come at no extra cost.  White label minimum order quantities are 3 skus at 50 units per sku, to be kept in your very own inventory space within our warehouse. Replenishment is required when inventory for any given sku has been depleted to 10. 

Our Branding Catalog

Wholesale Hemp Suppliers has carefully curated and developed a variety of brands catering to specific market segments within the hemp-derived CBD, THC, THCO and HHC industry. If you are looking for the simplest way to begin providing an initial offering for your customer base at the lowest cost possible, our brands can help drive your growth. When offering products from our catalog on your platform, you will reap the benefits of no minimum order quantities, as well as the strongly positioned brand equity of our product lines. Depending on the quality tier of product-placement on your platform, a discount code of up to 50% can be offered for each product line, yielding a very healthy margin.

Order Transmission and Shipping

By integrating ShipStation software with your e-commerce provider, orders will seamlessly transfer over to us once a sales conversion is completed. Orders are fully trackable by both order number and shipment tracking number. ShipStation integration will generate shipping labels for each order and bill the retailer accordingly via the method of payment provided. Depending on the size of the box, each order requires a box fee. Our smallest box accommodates six jars, which will more than likely be the majority of sales traffic ($4 / Box). Orders are processed and shipped daily as they are received.


Whether it is white label or one of the many WHS brands, customer service will be handled by the retailer. It is the retailers responsibility to handle all website development and maintenance. Since we are located in Miami, any product damaged due to heat will be replaced immediately. Please note, the retailer should request replacement from WHS, as they are ultimately responsible for customer service to their client.  

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