How Much Is "Too Much": Cannabis Overload

Recommended Dosage:
Regardless if you’re a new or returning user to cannabis products, we’ve all had that one time where it just hits us really hard. The experience can be scary if you’re a first time user, or if you don’t have the “right” tolerance for the THC. We all know someone who has a higher tolerance than others for cannabis, or cannabis related products, but we all had to start somewhere in our journey with cannabis so don’t feel bad if you’re just trying out cannabis for the first time. 

As a new user, not knowing what to expect from a THC based product can be scary, but the experts at Wholesale Hemp Suppliers are here to walk you through it. Believe it or not, but there is a recommended dose for THC based products so that you can ease your way into the experience. Medical experts suggest that a “standard” dosage for the everyday user is 5mg of THC, but we recommend starting even lower than that. When having a first time cannabis experience, or exploring the world of minor cannabinoids, always start low to find the right product for you. Think of it like this, marijuana is a big soup of different compounds, where a minor cannabinoid like HHC is one ingredient within that soup. Since it’s one ingredient, it’s a lot easier to predict the outcome of that compound.  

Something to keep in mind, manufacturers and medical organizations have their own recommendations on how much to take when trying cannabis for the first time. Ultimately, how your body will react to cannabis is based on the method of ingestion. Inhaling THC from a vape, or a pre-roll affects the body much faster than ingesting a THC gummy or candy. Ingesting the gummy takes anywhere between 1 hour up to 4 hours to feel the effects and has a longer lasting effect. 

Fun Fact:
The FDA has approved two medications that contain THC - Dronabinol (Marinol), and Nabilone (Cesamet). *Recommended dosage comes from FDA approved states and reports. These medications are prescribed to patients with AIDS to stimulate appetite, reduce stress which can decrease the immune system further, as well as reducing ailments of pain, swelling, and inflammation. Reports are based on these patients where 78% of them have never tried cannabis and have zero tolerance for THC. 

Exploring The World Of Minor Cannabinoids.
With all the advancements in our industry, scientists have been able to extract more compounds from cannabis that allow us to produce more options for better experiences with cannabis. HHC is but a new compound that is fast emerging on the market, and if you haven’t heard of it yet, let me explain why scientists are calling it a great starting point for a pleasant first time cannabis experience.

HHC is technically not considered THC at all, in fact, there are reports that HHC does not test positive for THC in drug tests. Being dubbed the “diet weed” by marijuana enthusiasts, HHC still does give you a THC experience, also derived from cannabis, but is low in dosage even if you consume a large amount. This is one of those cases where there is no overconsumption associated with this compound. HHC Gummies is a great way to “set it, and forget it” when it comes to having a first time cannabis experience; you eat one, continue about your day, and before you know it, you’ve had such a good day without troubles, pain, stress, anxiety, and you hardly noticed a difference in your body’s feeling. Little did you know, you had a mild cannabis experience using the recommended dosage. 

What To Do When You’ve Taken Too Much And Get Overwhelmed.
Is there such a thing as marijuana overdose? Here’s the scientific answer - no, BUT, you can overdo it of course. Even as a frequent user, you can overdo it; instead of taking one edible, you take multiple since you didn’t feel anything fast enough, or maybe you just took an edible that was very strong. We all feel something different when we overdo it, some of us get the shakes, feel numb, lose mobility, others can experience a sinking feeling in their stomach, head spinning, etc. It all varies on how much you consumed and what your tolerance level is. So what do you do when you’ve overdone it?

First things first, remain calm, and try to relax. Sometimes users fight the feeling because it is foreign to them, but that only makes things worse. Best thing to do is stop everything that you are doing, relax, control your breathing, and close your eyes. Talk yourself down; you have no idea how much your own words can have a major impact on how your thoughts and emotions play out. Everything will be alright, you’re ok, don’t panic…...try those next time you’re having a cannabis experience where you took too much. 

There are other things you can try to soften the experience. Medically speaking, when THC enters the bloodstream, blood carries the compound to our brain which triggers a response from our own receptors, and it causes our brain to create dopamine - the “happy” chemical produced by our body. If the dosage is too high, our brain is overloaded with dopamine and our body doesn’t know how to process the feeling so emotions, thoughts, and feelings are all over the place. Essentially, there is a discord between the brain and body so you have two opposing variables fighting one another. What we’re going to do is combat science and remedy the feeling of being overwhelmed (or overdoing it), is to use what is available to us. Non-medically, you can put on a Will Ferrell movie, trust me, it always works. Humor is big, and you’ll notice what you didn’t find funny before is not going to be hilarious. Plus, it will take your mind off of the cannabis experience, which will allow your body to relax, your mind to relax, and then synchronization will be complete. The trick is to get your mind off of the feeling of being overwhelmed from the experience. 

Here’s the household favorite and a sure bet to easing the tension. Feed yourself, and I mean help yourself to what you like best. Whether it’s a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, pizza or pasta, some deep-fried chicken wings or a sub sandwich, whatever you prefer, eat it (see list from buzzfeed). 

25 top ranked items by stoners, for stoners:

  1. Popcorn (heavy on the butter and salt)
  2. Grilled Cheese Sandwich (add bacon for extra smiles)
  3. Burrito (or tortilla stuffed with anything you prefer)
  4. Tater tots, or fries
  5. Bagels (your choice of flavor)
  6. Pickles
  7. Chicken quesadilla
  8. Pancakes
  9. McDonald’s Nuggets (or your local fast food restaurant nuggets)
  10. Fruits, specifically mangos (with or without the salt)
  11. Takis (or other branded chips like Doritos)
  12. M&M’s
  13. Ice cream, Italian Ice, or Gelato
  14. Sugar Cookies!
  15. Peanut butter cookies or items
  16. Bread with cheese
  17. Sandwiches of your flavors, as long as it’s toasted or grilled
  18. Yogurt
  19. Cheez-its
  20. Bagel bites, or pizza flavored items
  21. Ghirardelli chocolate
  22. Flavored pop-corn (yep, popcorn made the list again, just in a variation)
  23. Doritos
  24. Bean burrito
  25. Green pea and veggie snacks

You’re Ready!
It’s always best to start slow, and go slow. Regardless if you’re a first time user, or a frequent user, you can still overdo it. The best way to enjoy this is by starting off slow, and increasing your dosage in small increments so that your tolerance level also increases. Here at Wholesale Hemp Suppliers, our scientists pride themselves in producing products that are appropriate for every kind of user. 

For any related questions on how THC, Delta 8, HHC, THC-O, or any other cannabis related compound affects the body, please do not hesitate to reach out to the experts here at Wholesale Hemp Suppliers via

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