There is a sense of harmony and balance that is provided by cannabis - a sense of everything is alright, there is peace, there is clarity, there is unification, there is balance. In relation, cannabis is just like all living organisms, where this same sense of harmony is required in order to function properly. But just like us, cannabis follows a process in order to achieve its final form in a balanced state. When you look at the science of this plant, there are molecules, there are compounds and all this other "sciency" stuff that is sometimes too difficult to comprehend, but what we do comprehend is that science is involved in order to produce what we love the most from cannabis.

For Example, IPP is first converted to GPP which are precursor molecules, which then react with different compounds and enzymes leading to creating the molecule the two main cannabinoids CBGVA and CBGA.  When mixed with other acidic cannabinoids, you get CBDA, THCA, and CBCA synthase. Now, because of this biosynthesis pathway to producing the two main cannabinoids, the cannabinoids are responsible for the creation of the individual strains of cannabis. 

But keep in mind, not every synthesis is a happy one. Sometimes molecules have to go through “bad times” in order to achieve it’s final goal, better yet, think of it as the molecules are just passing through until they find a new home. It’s still synthesis, just a more turbulent one. But through the turbulence even stability is sure to follow, achieving harmony and balance. 

Now, synthesis is a major step in the search for the best cannabis experience. Ever fall in love with one particular strain and just wanted to know more about it and what makes it so different from the rest? It’s actually one of the most underrated parts of the whole cannabis experience, which is truly understanding where the stain you love the most comes from. The experts at Wholesale Hemp Suppliers are here to walk you through the synthesis of THC and CBD.

Everyone’s favorite - tetrahydrocannabinol. So this little guy is responsible for the psychoactive feeling you get from cannabis. It’s just one out of the 100 or so documented cannabinoids in cannabis. If you smoke one cigarette and stop, tobacco doesn’t show up in your system 2 - 7 days after smoking it, however, with THC consumption, it will show up in your system for 30 days. Ever wonder why? 

So here’s why, let’s say you’re munching on a THC gummy, at a molecular level, the molecules process through your stomach by penetrating the walls of your stomach, where they then penetrate into your deep fat tissue. Fun fact - what naturally occurs is that THC mixes with your deep fat tissue, but full balance for the body is not achieved yet, so our bodies naturally want to determine whether this molecule is friend or foe, so our body expunges the molecules into a place where our bodies are strongest, our immune system carried in our blood stream.

Since cannabinoids want to provide balance, our bodies recognize that THC is not an intruder therefore it allows it to merge with our blood sugar cells where it is carried to our own endocannabinoid receptors in our brains, specifically the cerebral cortex, cerebellum and basal ganglia. These are the areas in our brain that controls perception, memory, pleasure, and coordination. Your favorite THC strain has many different genes that determine the outcome on how these areas are affected. 

Now that we know a little more on what synthesis means, let’s take a look at how it affects CBD and THC. What is on the actual bud of marijuana is THCA, but the reason we say THC affects the human body is because when the molecule for THCA is heated it loses carboxyl (known as decarboxylation) and emerges into THC. It’s the reaction between fire molecules, and the molecule THCA that gives us the compound that provides the euphoric feeling. 

For all of your dab lovers out there, this is why temperature affects the flavor of your session. If the banger quartz is too hot when dabbing, in essence you’re overheating THCA too much which can degrade the concentrate substance to CBN at only 10% the strength of THC. It’s tricky really, because dabbing at high heat either ends up wasting the substance for what it’s really meant for, or you’re literally burning up the substance. 

An interesting notion is that cannabis has compounds that synthesize specifically to the human body. Most would say that this plant was literally placed on this earth for us, and they’re not far off. While our skin produces Vitamin D, cannabis produces CBD which has a natural bond with Vitamin D. Pain cream is synthesized from cannabis so when we apply CBD rich cream onto our skin, the specific compound Vitamin 3 from our skin welcomes CBD naturally. If you look at the diagram below, the molecule for Vitamin D3 is open ended in several locations so when CBD attaches itself, or even THC for that fact, both molecules provide more balance to Vitamin D which is extremely beneficial to our skin. 


Here’s another good way to look at the synthesis of CBD on the human skin. C
BD has anti-inflammatory effects of sebocytes, which are the skin cells responsible for the production of sebum. Sebum is an oily and waxy substance your body produces to protect your skin. How CBD helps is by maintaining a healthy flow of production of sebum so that there is a reduction in swelling, pain, redness or skin irritation. This synthesis is a different type where the CBD molecule opens up the sebum molecule in a sense where it is speeding up the reproduction of sebum cells so that the skin heals faster. 

So now we can see that synthesis between THC and CBD have many effects that are responsible for a lot of the benefits we require in our bodies. Cannabis is medicine, regardless if it’s being used to cure only specific ailments, it’s still a cure for those ailments. It’s a natural part of this world where science has been able to give us the true purpose of this plant and it’s healing properties. 

It’s our goal to continuously learn more and more about this plant. Science has truly been essential in allowing us to reap the benefits of this cannabis. There is nothing better than understanding how these compounds affect us during our experience with cannabis. To understand the relation between the human body and cannabis is one of the truest ways of enjoying your experience. The experts at Wholesale Hemp Suppliers are here for any questions you may have about synthesis and how THC and CBD integrate with the human body. Drop your question via email or call us at 800-930-0223.

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